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An Introduction to Co-Drving

£130 / $155


If you are keen to begin competing, volunteer at events and wish to understand the sport better, or are simply curious as to what a co-driver does, this beginner course covers all the basics of rally co-driving. From introducing the fundamental roles of a co-driver, to the workings of time controls and stage procedures, this course will provide all the information needed to begin your journey as a rally co-driver.

Topics covered include:

  • Responsibilities of a Rally Co-Driver

  • Rules & Regulations 

  • Timing, Time Controls & Time Cards

  • Pre-Event Paperwork & Schedules

  • Roadbook tips & Co-Driver Equipment

  • Basic Recce Skills & Reading Pacenotes


Also included: 

* Video call with Craig Drew following course completion

* 20% Discount on an order at

Duration: Self-Paced (approx. 3 - 4 hours over 6 months)

(exchange rate may vary)


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